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Eye is the most sensitive organ of our body. It is the only organ that allows us to see the entire world. Therefore, we must take special care of it every time. We go through a lot of trouble even when a small dust particle enters the eye. Imagine if some sort of eye disease like glaucoma contracts the eye, then what can happen to it. Glaucoma is one of the most dreadful disease that can steal the vision of our eyes. To avoid such thing from happening to you and to get the eyes treated in a correct manner, you can trust the ophthalmic medication of Lumigan (Bimatoprost).

It is one of the most effective eye medications that you can use for the purpose of glaucoma treatment. The eye drop is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and is used by millions of people all around the world. This medication helps in decreasing the eye pressure and restoring the vision of the eye. Bimatoprost medication is also used for growing eye lashes longer and thicker. You can easily buy Lumigan at a very cheap rate from an online pharmacy.

About Lumigan Eye drop

For us the quality of the medication is very important and hence we do not compromise on that. The medication or drugs that are being sold and delivered to you are being manufactured by the pharmaceuticals in the world. These brands are well known for their quality products, safety of drugs and adhering to all the guidelines set by FDA and WHO.

The medication of Lumigan eye drop is used for the treatment of a very serious eye disease called glaucoma. This is an issue that can damage the eye eyesight and can even cause blindness. The ophthalmic eye drop of Lumigan (Bimatoprost) helps in reducing the pressure of the eye that is responsible for damaging the optic nerves of the eyes. The eye drop also has cosmetic use and can be used for enhancing the length of the eyelashes and making them thick. Hence, this one eye drop can do two jobs at a time. However, it will be best to consult an eye specialist before you start using the eye drop of Lumigan for the treatment of glaucoma or growing the eye lashes. You can easily buy the ophthalmic eye drop of Lumigan online at a very cheap rate.

Action mechanism

Lumigan (Bimatoprost) eye drop is one of the most popular drug for the purpose of treating glaucoma. It is one of the most deadly disease which can cause permanent loss of vision. This happens due to presence of excess aqueous humor fluid that is responsible for damaging the optic nerve and cause vision loss. Lumigan contains active ingredient of Bimatoprost which helps in easing the excessive eye pressure and restores the vision of the eye.

This ophthalmic drug is also useful for growing the eyelashes and make them long and thick. The eye drop of Lumigan is a safe medication and it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of USA. The medication of Lumigan is a great way to treat the problem of glaucoma.

Dosage of Lumigan

Lumigan is one of the safest drug that you can use for treatment of glaucoma. However, you must follow the recommended dosage of the Lumigan eye drop for decreasing the eye pressure. You need to take one drop of Lumigan 0.01 or 0.03% in the affected eye and you should use it twice a day for better results. Do not use the Lumigan eye drop too frequently or else it will not reduce IOP reducing effect.


There are some precautions that you need take while using the eye drop of Lumigan. This will help you to avoid any negative effect of the medication.

  • This eye drop cannot be used with any other eye medication or else it can have a reaction or irritation in your eyes.
  • You need to apply the drug with an applicator as recommended. One must not use the eye drop more than 20 times.
  • Avoid overdose of Lumigan 0.03% eye drop more than the recommended dosage of the doctor.
  • Take off the eye lenses half an hour before using the medication.
  • In case the eye drop goes accidentally in your eyes then wash it off with plain water.
  • Keep the medication away from the reach of children.


  • Pregnant women should avoid using the medication as it can cause harm to the fetus.
  • People with kidney, liver and heart problems should not use the medication at all.
  • In case you are having breathing issue, then do use the medication of Lumigan.
  • The medication should not use with any other eye medicine as kit can result in allergies.
  • Side effects of Lumigan

    There can be some side effects of Lumigan medication hence you need to be a little careful while using it. If the side effects linger for a long time, then show to the doctor immediately. The side effects that can bother you are:

    • Eye redness
    • Skin darkness around eyes
    • Excess light sensitivity
    • Redness and irritation of eye lids
    • Itching of the eyes
    • Eye irritation
    • Dry eyes

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